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Intellow: Full Service Technology Consulting and Delivery


Who Are We?

Kevin McKee founded Intellow in 2018 after a decade of delivering enterprise technology solutions in Corporate America while also owning Limpid Design LLC, a web design, SEO, and custom development shop for small and medium sized businesses.

Intellow combines this mix of enterprise technology experience with expertise supporting small and medium size businesses to deliver incredible, affordable technology solutions.

Why Do We Exist?

As a technology consulting company, we understand that technology comes second. The first and primary objective is to understand the business need and help our clients determine the best path forward.

Once we have identified how to improve the business process, then we find the best technology solution and begin implementation.

We are trusted advisors for our clients and always keep their best interest in mind.

What Do We Do?

We help businesses with process optimization via custom software development.

We enable business transformation through our world class software solutions, which are custom built based on the needs of the client and the industry.

We have extensive experience across a wide range of industries, and use best practices from this experience to build incredible applications.

Our Process

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1. Evaluate

How can we help our clients become more profitable? Sometimes the client knows what they need, and other times we help identify opportunities. Defining the opportunity is the first essential step.

2. Analyze

Once the business opportunity has been determined, we identify technology solutions that will support the new business process. The analysis phase starts here but never stops. We are always analyzing the situation and looking for opportunities to improve.

3. Delivery

Once the technology solution has been identified we begin implementation. At Intellow we get our hands dirty and make things happen. Our consultants understand the business and have the technical skills for implementation.

4. Support

A technology product is only as effective if the people know how to use it. All users of the new system (both internal and external) need proper training and support through the rollout.

Let us help you grow Your business

We would love to talk about your business. We are always accepting new clients and we are happy to provide a no-obligation consultation.